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Mr. Smooth


Hand-made, durable, glass 10″ smoothie straw for your smoothies, shakes, and other thick drinks!

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Clearance Straws


The same, great, Sea Glass straws that you’ve come to love at clearance prices!

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The Norm


Hand-made, durable, glass 9″ drinking straw that’s perfect for your everyday use!

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The Long Shot


Hand-made, durable, glass 12″ drinking straw that’s a perfect companion to your Stanley, IronFlask, or other tall tumbler!

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The Sea Glass Bottle


Move over plastic water bottles! Sea Glass has something better for you AND you can design it to be uniquely yours or gift a bottle to someone you know!

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Gift Card

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Canvas Sleeves


Canvas Carriers are a ruggedly, stylish option for protecting your Sea Glass straw!  Slide your straw into the sleeve, close the velcro-secured flap, and toss into your bag.

Need to clean your carrier??  No problem!  Just toss into the laundry and air dry.

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